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Is It Legal To Make Wine At Home

One of the most common concerns people have when it comes to making wine or any kind of booze at home is will the boys in blue come running after me? No they won't, as long as you are making wine just for yourself. See making wine isn't illegal, people have been doing it since the 'Bronze Age' if not earlier. But making wine at home and then selling it without Uncle Sam getting a cut or proper authorization, well then you are in trouble.

Their are certain things in our society that require the government's intervention and selling of alcohol is one of it. I think that is a very good thing to have 'control' on something like 'selling alcohol' because of the nature of the beast. But this doesn't mean you can't make it for your own pleasure, in the comfort of your own home. You see, selling alcohol and making alcohol for personal pleasure are two different things. Both of them are allowed, but selling of any kind requires a certain type of license.

Making wine at home was actually legalized in 1978 by the Federal government in the United States. Yes their are some restrictions but that is only if you start making gallons of wine or booze at home. Wine making at home today is considered just another hobby as regular as collecting baseball cards or making scrapbooks of your choice. With more and more people becoming home wine enthusiasts, the genre of wine making has really taken off.

These days when people think of making wine at home, they are usually not sure where to begin. I suggest going to your local home brew or wine making shop and meet the ever so friendly wine makers. The city that I'm from is Vancouver, in British Columbia and its one of the most popular cities in the world for wine enthusiasts. I guess you can say that wine making and friendly people go hand in hand together.

Did you know that number one place for wine enthusiasts is New Zealand, even I didn't expect that one. Followed by Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Italy and the wine country itself, France. Although making wine at home hasn't caught up yet in Asia, it is definitely an interesting topic and a growing field. This is due to the lack of proper food and drug regulations in some Asian countries and a scarce supply of wine making equipment required.

Bottom line, wine making at home is legal as legal stuff can be. For details, I encourage you to check within your own community or city. As every vicinity have their own laws and regulations. As far as you are making wine for pleasure and do not intend to sell it for profit, you should be just fine. Making wine at home is not only legal but also one of the fastest growing hobbies around the world. I say join the fun and start a very rewarding and fun experience. Don't forget about all the money you will save by not going to the liquor store every week.

June Beezy is the inventor of the 'Home Booze Kit', the fastest home wine making kit in the world!

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