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Wine - All You Ever Need To Know?

I have never been a big wine drinker. I guess when you grow up in a household where your parents don't drink a lot of wine you might not become a wine aficionado. My grandfather drank wine with meals but I must admit it was Mogen-David wine as I recall and since I never tasted it I couldn't tell you a thing about it.

I grew up in New Orleans and there was certainly a lot of wine consumed in that fine city. I always have a lot of wine in the house now for parties and guests who stop by. I am more familiar with wines now then I use to be, but I still have not developed a taste.I have lots of friends who are passionate about their wines and my wife is a wine lover.

I have toured the wine vineyards in Sonoma California and I have visited wineries in Hawaii. I certainly understand the passion people have for their wines. I have friends who once took me through the wine cellar of a famous restaurant in new Orleans and their wine cellar had over a million dollars worth of wine stored in that cellar for the consumption of their diners. Similarly, the wine cellar at the Beau Rivage casino restaurants is something to behold.

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