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A Natural Alternative To Painted Fences - Colorful Vines

If you need to add privacy to part of your garden, hanging vines are a perfect option. You can create more of a personal space, especially if your neighbors live a bit closer than you would like. Planting fast growing vines along the fence between your yard will help. Also, planting flower vines between your home and the street will help obstruct the view from the road to your house, as well as cut down noise and lights from cars.

Besides adding privacy, flowering vines are great to use as a way to cheaply decorate your garden. They can grow up a trellis, rain gutters, porch posts, carport posts, mailbox post, etc. Vines such as trailing vines can even look great growing up and around your doorway.

The variety of climbing vines is huge. They all have different types and flowers of blooms. Some vines are small, growing to only five to six feet. Some others can grow very large, up to thirty to forty feet. Flowering vines can be either annual or perennial. Annual vines can seem perennial, though, since they drop seeds each fall and re sprout each spring on their own.

Before you choose the vines to use for your garden, you need to know where they will go and how large it will get. Vines can be strong, aggressive plants. If you have a small space or weak supports, and choose a vine that will go large, it can become a problem in the future.

You won't have to maintain the vines much once they're planted. They may have transplant shock at first for a couple weeks, but they should rebound well and quickly start climbing. They will need watered regularly if there's not much rain. Some occasional pruning may be needed. At the beginning, you may have to help train the vines on where to climb as in the case of Mandevilla, but once they start, they will grow correctly on their own.

Examples of popular flowering vines are morning glories, jasmine, clematis, hydrangea, and bougainvillea.

One colorful vine everyone seems to love is the A mandevilla growing on a trellis hot pink flowers decorate and create a design only natural can produce in the landscape. Great for a patio, deck or bright backyard. Drop by http://www.plant-care.com and discover more colorful beauties for your back or front yard landscape.

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