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Italian Red Wines

Commonly known as Italian reds, Italian red wines are world famous. As compared to red wines produced in other parts of the world, they stand apart due to their tarter taste, higher acidity, and aroma.

Unlike French wines, Italian red wines are not named after the grapes used for making them; instead they are named after regions in which they are produced. Italian red wine makers use different varieties of grapes. Many of these varieties are not available in any other part of the world.

Due to their sharper taste, Italian red wines are not preferred for simple sipping, but a bottle of red wine is a perfect companion during a meal. Valpolicella, Chianti, Barolo and Merlot are some of the best-known red wines.

Valpolicella is named after a famous wine-producing region in Italy. There are three different varieties of grapes-- Rondinella, Corvina and Molinara--which are blended together to produce excellent red wine in this region. Valpolicella is a relatively lighter wine. Chianti, on the other hand, is considered to be a perfect companion of an Italian meal. It is produced in a region of the same name.

Barolo is another impressive red wine produced in the region having the same name. Unlike Chianti and Valpolicella, Barolo is made from a single variety of grape called Nebbiolo. It takes around ten years for Barolo to age perfectly. A perfectly aged Barolo has a distinct aroma of roses, raspberries and earth.

If you prefer a simple Italian wine, Merlot could do the trick. The region of Tuscany also produces a number of great Italian red wines. Some Italian red wines could cost you a fortune, but many of them are quite affordable. Italian red wines can be purchased from online stores, exclusive outlets or any of the stores which stock them.

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