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Manchester United Fans So Envious Over Steven Gerrard MBE

Satan's little helpers (otherwise known as Manchester United), are at it again. Supporters jump on the jealousy bandwagon the minute a member of the real Reds (Liverpool) gets the recognition he truly deserves for his brilliance.

Can anyone honestly think of any British player deserving of an award other than Steven Gerrard? Frankly, no one (not even Frank Lampard) could possibly pull off the kind of match-winning abilities on display in the Champions League final and more recently the FA Cup final. Gerrard pulled his team up from certain defeat on both occasions to glory.

Gerrard is optimism personified. White Hart Lane has the slogan "To dare is to do"; well, Anfield should have "It isn't over ítil itís over" on the stands in honour of Gerrard (Olympiakos, 86th minute). As the finest ambassador of British football, he thoroughly deserves his MBE. I can't think of any English player who does more for his team than Gerrard, unless Cristiano Ronaldo gets fast-tracked British citizenship, because, yes, he does influence games with his mesmerising dives.

Honestly, this type of envy could only come from Meanchester quarters and thatís why Gerrard has the last laugh.

Steven Gerrard MBE (Mancs Be Envious)

To more moments of brilliance, I congratulate Gerrard and may this award spur him on to greater things - and more glory for the Red of Liverpool.

Do you think Steven Gerrard is English football's best ambassador? Sportingo would welcome your comments and insight.


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