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Golf Costa Del Sol - Spain Mijas Los Olivos Tips

Mijas Golf Course is very popular on the Costa del Sol and offers two courses to play Los Lagos (the lakes) and Los Olivos. Designer Robert Trent Senior has built this course with less water hazards but an abundance of trees. There are more bunkers, defending smaller more undulating greens.

Los Olivos is a more strategic round of golf, with tree lined fairways and elevated greens. It is the course more suited to golfers with higher technical ability and precision in their game.

The following is information on some of the beautiful and challenging holes, where to play and where to stay away from.

Hole 1 is typical of many of the holes to follow. There is no need for the driver, play easily down the middle for the second shot to the raised green. Don`t over club as there is a bunker behind the green.

Hole 3 is an interesting par 3 down hill where the green is bunker protected, undulating and tricky.

Hole 5 is a par 4 dog leg left where long hitters can carry the corner for a shorter second shot where again the green has a bunker at the back.

Hole 7 is a great hole if you are playing from the back tees. You have to carry two lakes and then the second shot is to the raised and many leveled green.

Hole 8 is the toughest par 3 on the course with a lake to the left and back and bun kers just of the green on the right. It's a beautiful hole from the tee after your ball is safely on the green.

Hole 12 is a dog leg to the right where the long hitters can cut the corner over the trees. The green is well protected all around making the accuracy of the second most important.

Hole 17 has some fairway bunkers that you need to decied if you can hit over or not while standing on the tee. The green is a large green and it is best to play for the right side.

Hole 18 is a par 5 dog leg to the right with water on the left which can be carried by a big hit leaving a chance to reach the green in two. The green has bunkers and also one that is 30 meteres infront which catches many second shots. Mijas Golf Course has an enjoyable hole 19 where there are always a group of the local members enjoying themselves after a day at the office!

Always enjoy your golf.

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