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Wine Making Supplies

One of the most popular beverages in the world is wine. Whine has an important role in celebrations, events, rituals and ceremonies.

Wines are usually made in prestigious wineries all around the world. Presently however, there are many people who make homemade wines both as a hobby and a small scale business. Most enthusiasts have their own wine making supplies.

Wine bottles are the most basic of all wine making supplies. Most bottles come in clear, green, red and blue colors and can hold 750 milliliters of wine. These bottles also look nice and are ideal to display the wine.

Labels are also part of a winemakerís cadre of wine making supplies. Most labels that can be purchased are already pre-gummed. This means that it can readily be placed to the bottles. All the winemaker needs to do is to print out the information. Usually, a packet contains 25 pre-gummed labels.

Bottle neck capsules and heat shrinks are also important wine making supplies. They are used to cover wine bottles. Aside from their practicality, they also add a professional look to the bottles.

Corks and sealing wax should also be available. Corks seal the bottle and will keep carbon dioxide inside until the wine is ready to be served. Several sizes of corks are available for different sizes of bottles.

Sealing wax is used to create an air tight seal on corked wine bottles. It prevents oxygen from entering the bottle. Because it forms a tight seal, the bottle can be stored on their sides or even upside down. The winemaker only needs to dip or pour melted wax on the bottle tip. A pound of sealing wax is enough to seal 100 bottles of wine.

All of the items mentioned above are wine making supplies that are used when the wine is finished. But there are also other supplies that are needed even before the production of wine.

Some of the most important wine making supplies are cleaners and sanitizers. They are used to clean, sanitize and deodorize wine making equipment.

Cleaners and sanitizers are a set of products. These include sodium bisulfite to kill molds and harmful bacteria in wine making equipment, campden tablets to destroy the bacteria in the wine itself and barrolkleen which is specifically designed to clean and sterilize wooden barrels.

Most of these wine making supplies can be purchased from wine making shops or from the internet.

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