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Why Working On The Internet Is No Different From Working Offline

Relationship building is as critical today for online businesses as it was 15 years ago in off line businesses. Those who think they can start a business on line and grow it quickly are usually only those who are bringing a group of people with them. Those people are set for life because they can take their team from one good business to another and be successful.

Putting this article together is a way to begin to stand out and show who you are so that others will see your name, know your thoughts and begin at least through the written word get to know who you are. It is similar to those of us who read newspapers every morning; we open the paper often and find our favorite writer to see what they are expounding about. Over time we begin to build a relationship with the writer by learning how they think and what makes them tick.

New ways are exploding on the internet to get known. People are attracting each other through different kinds of chat rooms, master-mind groups, blogs and even splash pages. One of the most exciting things about these opportunities is that people are getting all "mixed-up". We share space on the internet with folks from all over the world and that is such a wonderful joy.

Perhaps you think I have wandered from my original thesis. I might have but welcome to the BIG wide world of the internet, not a faceless place only for geeks...but a universe of millions of faces looking for a business, a connection or a relationship. So, if you coming here to find a business, get to know the faces behind the page...and begin to put yourself out there so that you can build a team and set yourself up for life.

I'm JoEllen Shannon an entrepreneur on the internet. I spend a great deal of my time with a quality business known as the Reverse Funnel System. My web site is http://www.prosperityjourney.com I joined a team of people to work the business so that I could escape the many more "sinkholes" on the internet that I haven't already fallen in. I am a Disability Consultant off line. I have written a book - WAKING UP ALIVE. I am a spiritual being operating in a human body at play in the universe attracting others who wish to work with me.

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