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Visit the Western Cape - Find Western Cape Accommodation

The Western Cape invites you to come and cherish an unforgettable experience. All year around, this is an ideal destination.

Think Western Cape, think Cape Town, think Cape Town, think Table Mountain, think Winelands. These are all true, but think so much more.

The Western Cape is a reasonably small province in South Africa, so making it feasable to drive yourself around and enjoy every thing in even a small space of time. However, if you do select just a few days, you will be so sad that you dont have more to savour and enjoy every thing.

Every where you drive, sceneries are spectacular. Views are breathtaking. The air is fresh and the experience is pure indulgence.

This area offers a selection of over 500 wine cellars from which to choose. Dining at a wine estate or simply taking a stroll or partaking in true South African style wine tasting is part of the culture and a true autentic experience. The popular regions of Cape Town or Cape Peninsula, Cape West Coast, Overberg, Garden Route, Small Karoo and the Cape Winelands all make up a remarkable offering.

Western Cape Accommodation offers some thing for all tastes and budgets. The establishments also know why tourists and visitors alike visit the Western Cape, so enjoy helping them make the most of their stay.

Wine tourism is fast becoming a serious force. It is relaxing, insightful and what an education to learn about the different wine - we talking woody, fruity, dry. sweet and more. Expressions that you would neer have ordinarily associated with wine.

The region affords you a remarkable experience and unforgettable memories.

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