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How To Make Wine At Home

Do you enjoy sipping on a nice glass of cabernet with your 8oz petit filet mignon? Or do you enjoy a nice day out tasting wines at your local winery? If you are like me and many other wine connoisseurs; wouldn't you love to be able to make your own wine? Wine making is a very delicate process from the selection of the grapes to the bottling of finished wine. If you have never been to a winery than I recommend you do. Only then will you be able to gain a full appreciation of the wine making process. I have tested out a variety of wine making techniques and I offer my recommendations below.

The first way I've tried is the simplest way to make a drinkable alcoholic beverage that resembles wine.

What you will need to create this beverage:

5 gallon bucket of grape juice un-opened

Liter coke bottles emptied

Steps to create this beverage:

1. Leave the bucket of the grape juice in a area around 75 degrees F for two months

2. Open the bucket and be sure not to shake

3. Siphon the juice into the coke bottles leaving the gunk on the bottom of the bucket

4. Your wine is ready to be drank

Now if you use this method don't think that you will taste a wine similar to a fine selection from Joseph Phelps. This is an easy way to make an alcoholic beverage resembling wine. If you are looking to create a more professional wine I would recommend you taking a look here. This is a book that gives you homemade recipes to make your own wine.

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