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Art, Theater and Music is Available for Visitors to Marthas Vineyard Year Round

Mansion House Inn, Health Club & Spa announced its continued support of The Vineyard Playhouse, which is known for its dedication to the collaboration between professional and community theater artists. Taking full advantage of the Vineyard's creatively rich community and naturally inspirational surroundings, the play house has been host to countless productions of plays, readings, educational series, festivals, family holiday shows, guest artist's lectures and other special events.

Currently "The English Channel" theatre luminary Robert Brustein's comic and provocative imagining of Shakespeare's coming of age as a playwright is on stage through the end of September. Brustein, former Dean of Yale Drama School, noted that Yale's former President, Kingman Brewster was a former seasonal resident whose Vineyard Haven home was later purchased by Mike Wallace, also lives on the Vineyard.

Zephrus Restaurant at Mansion House offers art patrons a discount promising that their "theater ticket can also be a meal ticket" and supports the Vineyard Playhouse (located at 10 Church St.) where plays are often performed before heading for Broadway. This season, Tony Shalhoub read plays there every Monday and celebrity guest appearances are not unusual.

"Art, theater & music," Mansion House owner, Susan Goldstein noted," is available year round on the Vineyard. It is a small seaside town, but year round residents & visitors get closer than the red carpet to great performers."

The Vineyard fall season, besides being known for its world famous Bass & Blue Fish Derby, being at the crossroads for fall bird migration and extended summer weather due to the Gulf Stream warming current, also hosts many first rate cultural events.

contact: Susan Goldstein / susan@mvmansionhouse.com/ 508 693 2200 x 102

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